Vulture's Curse Patch

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A vulture claw hangs above a septagram. As an animal totem, the vulture symbolizes death, rebirth, and purification. They scavenge for food, eating carcasses and dying animals, but in this act, they feed their entire flock and continue the purifying life cycle of the earth and its wildlife. The seven-pointed star, or septagram, is a powerful seal that is used to conjure, control, and dismiss spirits. It is a particularly powerful tool in the practice of necromancy, protection, and exorcism but may be used for other magical workings as well. Furthermore, in alchemy, the seven-pointed star is a symbol of life-giving energies on earth as well as the other side.

The Vulture's Curse patch is original artwork drawn and printed by artist Adrienne Rozzi.

Measures 6.5" x 4.5"

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