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A grim seductress swirls in the moonlight and frightful screeches fill the air as a legion of bats ascends upon the midnight sky. Her jet-black hair dissolves into the winged darkness and her icy white skin glows with a moonlit luster. She is queen amongst the undead, her gifts of sorcery bestowed upon her by death himself. Her nocturnal cohorts ravage the night sky in search of blood, the very sustenance of life both living and undead. These somber ways are dark and ancient, firmly held throughout the centuries and forever leaving woe in their wake. In a swish of sorcery, the ghoulish temptress transforms into a bloodthirsty bat and joins the hellish cloud. Her kind are cursed and damned; they’ve gone by many names since the dawn of time, names that when uttered send shivers down the spine. Demon, monster, bloodsucker; She is to be feared, she is - The Vampyre!

For millennia, Vampiric entities (precursors to what we call Vampires today) have popped up in the folklore of many different cultures. The term “Vampire” was not popularized until the early 18th-century, when various Eastern European folk tales were first recorded and published. The Vampire bat was inherently linked to Vampiric creatures because of it’s blood-sucking nature, nocturnal vision, and pitch-black body that blended seamlessly into the night sky. The Vampire mythos is one that will forever fascinated those interested in death and immortality.

The Vampyre is an original illustration, drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi as part of her 2016 "13 Sketches of Halloween" series. Printed by hand with black ink on tan fabric. Measures approximately 11" x 11"

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This illustration was inspired by the magical photography of Shelby Robinson.

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