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A serpent weaves itself throughout the five-pointed star. In its most simple ideology, the pentagram represents the union of the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) with the human soul. It is a symbolic marriage between the spirit within the witch or magical practitioner and that of nature; a magical union that brings balance, enlightenment, and harmony. A pentagram is the symbol of a five-pointed star inscribed in a circle, whereas a pentacle is its own physical object baring the symbol. A pentacle is most often made of stone, metal, wood, or some kind of natural material and acts as a tool implemented in working magick. The serpent is an all-encompassing symbol of creativity, transformation, vitality, and completeness. Its powers are so great that it embodies the whole of everything; dark & light, death & rebirth, destruction & creation, all is one to the serpent. The merger of the snake with the pentagram signifies the devotion of the magical practitioner to assimilate all knowledge and experiences set before her whether good or bad. For in the end, every event, regardless of its nature, serves to strengthen and enlighten if one has the wisdom to suspend judgement and choose the most constructive perspective.

Back patch measures 9" x 9"
Small patch measures 5.5" x 5.5"

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