Undead back patch

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In the dead of night a witch rises from her decrepit resting place. Raised from the dead by the necromancer she once loved, she awakens with eyes shining like moonlight amidst the dark hollows of her ghoulish face. One pale, icy hand slowly emerges from the coffin; a steadfast sign of her unholy reanimation. An inverted pentagram carved upon her sarcophagus signifies that black magic is at work and all should beware. Five stones of coal-black obsidian are set within the circle of the pentagram, one for each of the senses that must be awakened by the necromancer to fully raise her from the dead. As the lid creaks open the sorceress greets the world of the living once more. Hauntingly beautiful in a black lace gown, she embodies all the grace of death as she stirs from her burial place. The scorched sepulcher meant to entrap her stands overgrown and forgotten on the edge of a haunted forest where only dark spirits dwell. With silent steps the undead witch emerges from her ivy-covered tomb into the shadow of night as bats take flight and a wolf howls in the distance. She creeps through the fog to reunite with her beloved under a bloody full moon. The necromancer once again holds the witch in his immortal embrace and the union of their pale lips sends a shudder throughout the land.

Undead is original artworkhand drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi of Poison Apple Printshop. White ink on black fabric. Measures 9.5″ x 12″

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