The Copper Crescent patch

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 With its reddish color, copper is associated with fire, new beginnings, and pure energy. It is an element which is believed to be one of the oldest metals in use. Because of it’s lustrous beauty and ancient use in mirror making, copper became a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love, balance,
artistic creativity, and wholeness.
While copper marks the beginning of the eternal cycle, the crescent moon represents the middle stages. It is a symbol of change and flux, a fleeting moment on the moon’s lunar path. Illuminating the night sky, the crescent moon shines brightly as a beacon of inspiration and motivation.
The journey of existence finds it’s complete form in the semblance of a wreath. Taking the shape of a natural circle, the wreath is inherently a symbol of the sun, perfection, wholeness, and eternal life. Wreaths are often left on tombs and set adrift for those who were lost at sea in hopes that their souls will be resurrected thus bringing the journey full circle. They were also made as sacred amulets aiding in the growing of crops and the harvest bringing fertility and eternal spring. They are used year round as a good blessing to the changing seasons and the yearly cycle.
Ignited by the fiery energy of copper, motivated by the illumination of the crescent moon, and culminating in the perfected wholeness of the wreath, the Copper Crescent Talisman invokes creative energy, balance, and wholeness of the soul from start to finish and will bring the wearer success and good fortune.

The Copper Crescent Talisman is original artwork hand drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi of Poison Apple Printshop.

Printed with copper ink on black fabric. Measures 7″ x 6″

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