Burnt back patch

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A sorceress in flames. Fire is the only key element that is not found but conjured. It has the ability to purify, cleanse, and transform. With magick and power the witch called forth the flames. Stepping into the ball of fire, she is devoured by the very inferno she birthed into the world. The pyre blazes, skin ignites and her cloak swirls and scorches as she surrenders to the flame. She cackles with every spark and sings a haunting song to show her devotion to the fire element. Consumed by the licking flames of her own magick the witch dances with death before being reborn from the ashes.

“The beauty of flames lies in their strange play, beyond all proportion and harmony. Their diaphanous flare symbolizes at once grace and tragedy, innocence and despair, sadness and voluptuousness. The burning transcendence has something of the lightness of great purifications. I wish the fiery transcendence would carry me up and throw me into a sea of flames, where, consumed by their delicate and insidious tongues, I would die an ecstatic death. The beauty of flames creates the illusion of a pure, sublime death similar to the light of dawn. Immaterial, death in flames is like a burning of light, graceful wings. Do only butterflies die in flames? What about those devoured by the flames within them?” – Emile E. Cioran

Burnt is original artwork hand drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi of Poison Apple Printshop.

  • Measures approximately 13″ x 7.5″

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