Pentagram Cherry and Mahogany Inlay Pendant

Naked Geometry

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Early history[edit]
In early (Ur I) monumental Sumerian script, or cuneiform, a pentagram glyph served as a logogram for the word ub, meaning "corner, angle, nook; a small room, cavity, hole; pitfall"

In Neoplatonism, the pentagram was said to have been used as a symbol or sign of recognition by the Pythagoreans, who called the pentagram ὑγιεία hugieia "health".

The polymath and magician Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa and others following his lead perpetuated the popularity of the pentagram as a magic symbol, attributing the five neoplatonic elements to the five points, in typical Renaissance fashion. The occultist and magician Eliphas Levi considered the pentagram to be a symbol of the microcosm,  following Agrippa's famous image.

Based on Renaissance-era occultism, the pentagram found its way into the symbolism of modern occultists. In the modern era, the inverted pentagram is often used as a symbol of the god Baphomet.

This pentagram pendant is made with light cherry and dark cherry inlaid into reclaimed mahogany.

Composed of eleven separate pieces of wood, and finished with beeswax and oils.

2.5" in diameter with an antique copper bail.

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