Golden Earth Back Patch

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The hand of a forest witch rises from a woodland bouquet and reaches toward a shimmering star.Golden Earth is an ode to the relationship between nature and magic folk, for it is the desire of most witches to attune themselves with the earth and maintain a spiritual balance within the natural world. An upraised hand is a symbol of voice and holding true to ones beliefs, and the left hand symbolizes dreams and the unconscious. Here, the forest witch’s left hand raised toward the star is a symbol of her devotion to the earth as well as her psychic connection with all things belonging to the natural realm.  A ribbon weaves itself throughout the composition as a symbol of the magical path that every practitioner must inevitably follow. The cord intertwines with the plants and upraised hand binding them together. The star to which the witch’s hand reaches represents hope and the belief in a universal force that acts as a beacon of light, guiding the sorceress in the most trying of times. Lastly, the symbols arcing above the hand reference the journey all living things must go through from birth to death. It starts with the alchemical symbol for the sun, followed by the Inguz rune meaning fertility and balance, then the Berkana rune showing growth and beginnings. In between the witch’s fingers lies, yet again, the alchemical symbol of the earth. Next is the Thurisaz rune, meaning Gateway or change, followed by the Jera rune, which stands for the harvest and earned success. The last two symbols both come from alchemy; the first representing the physical act “to rot” or decay, and the last signifying the moon.

Golden Earth is original artwork hand drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi of Poison Apple Printshop. This drawing marked the 4-year anniversary of Poison Apple Printshop. It embodies Rozzi's recurring themes of the human relationship with nature, life and death, and the exploration of all forms of magic through art. Fittingly, the symbol of the apple in witchcraft represents the earth and pure love, therefore Golden Earth can be seen as the perfect, pristine golden apple finally plucked from the poisonous tree.

Measures approximately 12" x 12"

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