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Two winged sphinges emerge from a serpent-riddled wreath to cradle a precious jewel. The Gatekeepers is a drawing that alludes to finding balance in the natural duality of life and the search for wisdom, wholeness, and enlightenment through that equilibrium. At the base of the design is a jewel encrusted ring that binds the twigs together so that they may form a garland. Snakes slither amongst the branches that unfurl upward to nest a pair of winged sphinx guardians. The sphinges hold a spherical crystal that emanates with boundless energy and the promise of transcendence. From bottom to top, The Gatekeepers is an illustration that symbolizes the path of a magical practitioner from foundation to enlightenment. The cuff at the base of the wreath represents the stable and supportive groundwork that must be laid if success is to be achieved. It is adorned with diamond-shaped jewels, for the diamond symbolizes fertility, and this attribute furthers the foundational significance of the cuff. Next, the twigs emerge and illustrate the magical path one must follow that is oftentimes unveiled through the nurturing of a relationship with the organic, natural world. Along this path, the practitioner will come across numerous obstacles and experiences embodied in the drawing by the snakes nestled amongst the wreath. The snake is an animal so powerful that it encompasses all: dark & light, death & rebirth, destruction & creation. Through this characteristic wholeness, the serpent also stands for vitality and creativity. The snakes’ presence in the drawing signifies obstacles, struggles, and experiences one must face along their magical path. Whether these events seem positive or negative, the practitioner must absorb them and use each one as a stepping stone to a greater understanding of the universe. But, before that awareness can be reached, one must confront themselves and face all of their fears to truly be free and reach the pinnacle of their enlightenment. This final challenge is embodied in the sphinxes facing one another at the top of the illustration. The sphinx itself is a symbol of strength through knowledge and the transcendent power of which the human mind is capable. The sphinges mirroring one another allude to the magical practitioner facing herself and embracing the whole of her being, strengths as well as flaws, light as well as darkness. It is this duality one must stabilize in order to generate self-love independent of egotism and vanity, inherently unburdening one’s soul. Once this final obstacle is overcome, the practitioner reaches pure harmony and enlightenment, illustrated by the crystal ball. The sphere is a symbol of wholeness and acts as a microcosm of the world itself along with its complexities. Extending the theme of entirety, the unbroken wreath formed by each component of the Gatekeepers signifies completeness and the eternal cycle of nature at work both physically and spiritually. The Gatekeepers shows that each magical path is individual, and success is achieved when one has the strength and wisdom to assimilate all that is innate in the universe.

Measures 10.5" x 12"

The Gatekeepers is original artwork drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi.

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